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JavaScript API

JavaScript API encapsulates SeaTable Server Restful API. You can call it in your front-end page or Node.js program.

Note: JavaScript API cannot be used for scripts in SeaTable bases. For script programming, please refer to another document.


Data structure of object in SeaTable:

SeaTable APIs:

To use SeaTable APIs, you should first initialize a base object and call base.auth(). base.auth() is an async function, which needs to be executed in async functions. Other APIs all return a promise object. There are two ways to use them

The first way:

base.listViews(tableName).then(views => {
  // Use views to complete the requirements
}).catch(error => {
  // Exception handling

The second way:

try {
  const views = await base.listViews(tableName);
  // Use views to complete the requirements
} catch (error) {
  // Exception handling

SeaTable API Errors

  • 400 Params invalid
  • 403 Permission denied
  • 413 exceed limit
  • 500 Internal Server Error