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List columns

List all rows of the table/view

base.list_columns(table_name, view_name=None)
base.list_columns('Table1', view_name='default')

Insert column

Insert/Append column

base.insert_column(table_name, column_name, column_type, column_key=None, column_data=None)
  • column_key: the key of column after which the new column will be inserted, it will be appended to the last column by default
  • column_type: please refer to constants
  • column_data: config info of column, required for link-type column, optional for other type columns
from seatable_api.constants import ColumnTypes
base.insert_column('Table1', 'python-api', ColumnTypes.TEXT)
base.insert_column('Table1', 'python-api', ColumnTypes.TEXT, column_key=ColumnTypes.TEXT)
base.insert_column('Table1', 'Link', ColumnTypes.LINK, column_data={

Rename column

Rename a column

base.rename_column(table_name, column_key, new_column_name)
base.rename_column('Table1', 'kSiR', 'new-python-api')

Resize column

Set a column width

base.resize_column(table_name, column_key, new_column_width)

The default width of a column is 200, if you need to adjust the column width, such as 500

base.resize('Table1', 'asFV', 500)

Freeze column

Freeze a column

base.freeze_column(table_name, column_key, frozen)

frozon: True/False

base.freeze_column('Table1', '0000', True)

Move column

base.move_column(table_name, column_key, target_column_key)
  • column_key: the key of the column you want to move

  • target_column_key: is the key of the anchor column, the moved column will be moved to the right of the column

base.move_column('Table1', 'loPx', '0000')

In this example, the 'loPx' column will be moved to the right of the '0000' column

Modify column type

Transform a column type

base.modify_column_type(table_name, column_key, new_column_type)

column_type please refer to constants

from seatable_api.constants import ColumnTypes

base.modify_column_type('Table1', 'nePI', ColumnTypes.NUMBER)

Add column options

Used by single-select or multiple-select type columns

add_column_options(self, table_name, column, options)
base.add_column_options('Table1', 'My choices', [
        {"name": "ddd", "color": "#aaa", "textColor": "#000000"},
        {"name": "eee", "color": "#aaa", "textColor": "#000000"},
        {"name": "fff", "color": "#aaa", "textColor": "#000000"},

Add column cascade settings

Used by single-select column, to add a limitation of child column options according to the option of parent column

add_column_cascade_settings(table_name, child_column, parent_column, cascade_settings)
  • child_column: name of child column
  • parent_column: name of parent column
base.add_column_cascade_settings("Table1", "single-op-col-c", "single-op-col", {
  "aaa": ["aaa-1", "aaa-2"], # If “aaa” is selected by parent column, the available options of child column are "aaa-1 and aaa-2"
  "bbb": ["bbb-1", "bbb-2"],
  "ccc": ["ccc-1", "ccc-2"]

Delete column

Delete a column

base.delete_column(table_name, column_key)
base.delete_column('Table1', 'bsKL')