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Base object

Base represents a table. You can use the api token of the form to obtain the authorization to read and write the base. This token can be generated directly on the web side.

Get authorization

Use the API Token of the base to get access authorization.

import { Base } from 'seatable-api';

const config = {
  server: '',
  APIToken: 'c3c75dca2c369849455a39f4436147639cf02b2d'

const base = new Base(config);
await base.auth()


Get metadata

Get base metadata information

const metadata = await base.getMetadata();


    'tables': [{
        '_id': '4krH',
        'name': 'Contact',
        'is_header_locked': False,
        'columns': [{
            'key': '0000',
            'type': 'text',
            'name': 'Name',
            'editable': True,
            'width': 200,
            'resizable': True,
            'draggable': True,
            'data': None,
            'permission_type': '',
            'permitted_users': []
        }, {
            'key': 'M31F',
            'type': 'text',
            'name': 'Email',
            'editable': True,
            'width': 200,
            'resizable': True,
            'draggable': True,
            'data': None,
            'permission_type': '',
            'permitted_users': []
        'views': [{
            '_id': '0000',
            'name': 'Default view',
            'type': 'table',
            'is_locked': False,
            'filter_conjunction': 'And',
            'filters': [],
            'sorts': [],
            'groupbys': [],
            'group_rows': [],
            'groups': [],
            'colorbys': {},
            'hidden_columns': [],
            'rows': [],
            'formula_rows': {},
            'link_rows': {},
            'summaries': {},
            'colors': {}


add table

Add a table into a base

base.addTable(table_name, lang='en')
  • table_name: The name of the sub-table to be added
  • lang: languages, default by English ('en'), currently support English('en') and Chinese('zh-cn')
await base.addTable('Investigation', lang='zh-cn')

Operation on Base

The Base object provides interfaces for operating rows and columns, uploading and downloading files, etc. Please refer to the following documents