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List columns

List all rows of the table/view

base.listColumns(table_name, view_name='')
const columns1 = await base.listColumns('Table1')
const columns2 = await base.listColumns('Table1', view_name='default')

Insert column

Insert/Append column

base.insertColumn(table_name, column_name, column_type, column_key='', column_data='')
  • column_key: the key of column after which the new column will be inserted, it will be appended to the last column by default
  • column_type: please refer to constants
  • column_data: config info of column, required for link-type column, optional for other type columns
import { ColumnTypes } from 'seatable-api';
await base.insertColumn('Table1', 'seatable-api', ColumnTypes.TEXT)
await base.insertColumn('Table1', 'seatable-api', ColumnTypes.TEXT, '0000')
await base.insertColumn('Table1', 'Link1', ColumnTypes.LINK, column_data={

Rename column

Rename a column

base.renameColumn(table_name, column_key, new_column_name)
await base.renameColumn('Table1', 'kSiR', 'new-seatable-api')

Resize column

Set a column width

base.resizeColumn(table_name, column_key, new_column_width)

The default width of a column is 200, if you need to adjust the column width, such as 500

await base.resizeColumn('Table1', 'asFV', 500)

Freeze column

Freeze a column

base.freezeColumn(table_name, column_key, frozen)

frozen: true/false

await base.freezeColumn('Table1', '0000', true)

Move column

base.moveColumn(table_name, column_key, target_column_key)
  • column_key: the key of the column you want to move

  • target_column_key: is the key of the anchor column, the moved column will be moved to the right of the column

await base.moveColumn('Table1', 'loPx', '0000')

In this example, the 'loPx' column will be moved to the right of the '0000' column

Modify column type

Transform a column type

base.modifyColumnType(table_name, column_key, new_column_type)

column_type please refer to constants

import { ColumnTypes } from 'seatable-api';

await base.modifyColumnType('Table1', 'nePI', ColumnTypes.NUMBER)

Add column options

Used by single-select or multiple-select type columns

base.addColumnOptions(table_name, column, options)
await base.addColumnOptions('Table1', 'My choices', [
        {"name": "ddd", "color": "#aaa", "textColor": "#000000"},
        {"name": "eee", "color": "#aaa", "textColor": "#000000"},
        {"name": "fff", "color": "#aaa", "textColor": "#000000"},

Add column cascade settings

Used by single-select column, to add a limitation of child column options according to the option of parent column

base.addColumnCascadeSettings(table_name, child_column, parent_column, cascade_settings)
  • child_column: name of child column
  • parent_column: name of parent column
await base.addColumnCascadeSettings("Table1", "single-op-col-c", "single-op-col", {
  "aaa": ["aaa-1", "aaa-2"], # If aaa is selected by parent column, the available options of child column are "aaa-1 and aaa-2"
  "bbb": ["bbb-1", "bbb-2"],
  "ccc": ["ccc-1", "ccc-2"]

Delete column

Delete a column

base.deleteColumn(table_name, column_key)
await base.deleteColumn('Table1', 'bsKL')